Thursday, April 11, 2013

Post CMT "Brain Food"

5th graders worked so hard on the CMTs and its pleasant to see them engaging in some brain engaging activities of their own choice in the weeks following their grueling tests.  Some kids chose to play Blurt, a brain game where they have to give clues, similar to Password or Catchphrase, to have their partners
"blurt out" the actual word or phrase.  Others chose to play strategic card games, while some chose to assemble puzzles or take in a good book. 

 In addition, budding scientists have been engineering solar powered robots.  While other students are cashing in on homework passes and prize box, many students have been taking advantage of the option to pick out a book order purchase of $5 or less.  Some students save their orders and make educational purchases upwards of $15, like these build it yourself kits-

And a special thank you to the women's Wesleyan Lacrosse Team and their head coach who graciously gave their time to help our Macdonough kids unwind.  They demonstrated extreme patience and gently guided our competitive nature while joining us and facilitating some games. 

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