Thursday, June 20, 2013

Teacher Swap Day

This morning, teachers at Macdonough staff memebers swapped positions with someone else in the building. Some silly swaps were Mrs. Ciccia was the nurse, Mrs. Walsh was the secretary, Miss Morello was Mr. Romeo, Ms. Kelli was a para, Mrs. Eckerlin and Mrs. Weindruch were kindergarten teachers, Mrs. Lenihan and Ms. Jukins were second grade teachers, Miss Valentine and Miss Sandsmark were third grade teachers, Mr. Ferrero and Nurse P were fourth grade teachers, and Miss Maria was a fifth grade teacher!
 Both the students and the teachers were excited to start their morning with a new face and getting to know their new friend!


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Box Tops for Macdonough Party in First Grade!

Box Tops for Education has helped America’s schools earn over $525 million since 1996. You can earn cash for Macdonough by clipping Box Tops coupons from hundreds of participating products. Box Tops also offers easy ways to earn even more cash for your school online.
Macdonough students are always encouraged to bring as many Box Tops for Education to school as possible and we had a contest who could bring in the most in all year.
 And the winning class that brought the most box stops is Mrs. Walsh's first grade class!
For their prize, they enjoyed popcorn and a movie this afternoon.
 Thank you to everyone else who participated and helped Macdonough!


Summer Celebration!

Today, Macdonough students celebrated their last week at Macdonough until the fall! Kindergarten through third grade enjoyed different stations such as freeze dance, parachute, bubbles, and side walk chalk. While the fourth and fifth graders had a blast playing kickball and tie-dyeing shirts!
What a great way to welcome the summer season!


Friday, June 14, 2013

Music to our ears

Sadie's grandpa came in today to share his amazing musical talents!  He plays the clarinet!  He let the students touch the clarinet and request some songs to play.  He played Jingle Bells, Happy Birthday, and some patriotic songs as well.  The students even got to dance! 

Flag Day

Today is Flag Day! We had an assembly and welcomed our local police officers and troops to Macdonough School. Our troops marched in with our flags and then some of the first grade girls sang the National Anthem. Chief William McKenna from the Middletown Police gave us a beautiful speech about the importance of Flag Day and we even got to chant USA!
Ms. Angela Spaman, "Queen of Macdonough," then recognized the hand-picked students that were selected for their citizenship at Macdonough. Each teacher choses 2 students from each class that not only displays SURFS behavior, but also turns their homework in on time, always volunteers when needed, and has a respectful and caring attitude at all time. These students were awarded a certificate and a flag pin.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

3D Shapes

Mrs. Spaman's class had a 3D shape picnic. The kindergarten children are learning about 3D shapes and what better way to learn about shapes but with food!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Old Macdonough Had a Farm

Today the kindergarten children went to the farm. The children got to go on a hay ride, see farm animals, pet a hen and bunny, plant seeds and even eat lunch at the farm. What a great day down on the farm.

Summer Reading Kick Off

Friday, Macdonough students kicked off the Middletown Summer Reading Program!
Mrs. Ballachino welcomed us with a slideshow of pictures of Macdonough teachers with their favorite books and then Kate McCarthy Bond, from Russell Library, told us about the importance of summer reading and events happening at the Library this summer. She also read us 2 silly books!
 Enza Macri also visited Macdonough and we presented her with a book that will be in our library in her honor.
At the end, we got a plethora of new books to enjoy.
A special thank to Mrs. Ballachino, Kate McCarthy Bond, and Enza Macri for all their hard work!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fourth Grade Bio Buddies Field Trip

Fourth graders had a blast on their last Bio Buddies last week. 
We went to the CT River Museum and enjoyed a tour on a boat, as well as learned many things such as how to tie knots and drive a boat, and  about animals that live in and around the CT river. We also experimented different ways to keep the water clean. 
It was a beautiful day to be on the river that many of us enjoyed a snooze on the way home!


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