Friday, May 25, 2012

Twin Day

Teachers, staff and faculty participated in twin day today.  There were even triplets too! 

Triplets from the 80's; Miss Whaley, Miss Lavoie and Miss Mckenzie

Miss Vullo and Miss Jakiela

Lifeguards Mrs. Nielsen and Mrs. Arabas

Beach bums Miss Francois and Mrs Sullivan

Mrs. Oszurek and Mrs. Lenihan

Mrs. Ciccia and Miss Kolman as Salt and Pepper

Mrs. Walsh and Miss Grossman as Thing 1 and Thing 2

Aloha from Mrs. Petras and Miss Flom

Miss Morello and Miss Jukins are not happy campers they had to wear their rival teams shirt

Nurse P and Miss Pitkin show off their twin height!

Yee-Haw! from Mr. Romeo, Nikki from FRC and
Mrs. Quinones

Mrs. Raney and Miss Aresco

2 Men of MacDonough; Mr. John G and Mr. Ferrero

"Copy that"...Mrs. Brick and Miss Antonucci
Ms Kelly and Miss Green

Angela, Miss Maletta and Miss Cruz-Viera

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