Thursday, May 31, 2012

Third Grade Field Trip to Wadsworth Mansion

Third grade students visited a Middletown treasure today and learned about nature and history.  Students learned about the history of the Wadsworth Mansion.  While taking a tour of the interior they learned how the family originally built this landmark and then donated part of the land to the state, which is now Wadsworth Falls State Park.  They also learned how the mansion fell into disrepair and how the city of Middletown restored it to its original splendor. 
     Students also walked the grounds and learned about wildlife, trees, native vegitation, and invasive species of plants.  They also examined creatures that live in a vernal pool and were able to see first hand animal adaptations at work.

A student examines creatures from the vernal pool 

Students learn about tadpoles and more.

Students learned how to identify trees and vegitation.

A student looking at pictures that show the history of the mansion.

Students in front of the Wadsworth Mansion learn how this great building came to be.

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