Thursday, January 15, 2009

Grant Awarded to Macdonough School

Congratulations to Kym Ciccia, Reading Teacher at Macdonough School. She was awarded a $250 grant from the Community and University Services for Education committee. Mrs. Ciccia's grant application was entitled Half and Half: Children and Parents Sharing Books.

The grant will be used to purchase a collection of hard cover books that included fiction and non-fiction collections. Research shows that reading a fictional story will ignite a reader’s curiosity and interest in non-fiction information on the same subject. By presenting a great story, followed by non-fiction content that relates to the story, the Half and Half books provide a perfect bridge for readers to cross from story to facts!

This is one of the books to be purchased entitled Giants of the Ocean.

FICTION: Rescued by a Dolphin - A storm rages at sea and a young boy sees a small raft being tossed through the waves. On the raft is a young girl and circling the raft is a huge shark, just waiting for a wave to knock the girl into the sea. Unable to help, the boy watches as the shark begins to attack the raft. Suddenly, a dolphin strikes the shark - and what happens next is nothing short of amazing!

NON-FICTION: Sharks, Dolphins and More! - Did you know there is a whale with a long twisted horn like a unicorn? Did you know there are crocodiles that swim in the ocean? This book is loaded with exciting information! You'll learn about animals of the ocean that are endangered - and some of the things that are being done to help protect them. Plus, find out how killer whales catch seals, how dolphins sleep, and much more!

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