Thursday, January 15, 2009

Literacy Grant for Macdonough School

Congratulations to Mary Beth Brick, Instructional Support Teacher at Macdonough School. She was awarded a $250 grant from the Community and University Services for Education committee. Mrs. Brick's grant application was entitled We Both Read: Children and Parents Sharing Books.

The grant will be used to purchase a collection of hard cover books that feature a unique interactive format designed for a child to take turns reading aloud with a parent or another member of the family. The left-hand pages feature more sophisticated text for the parent to read. Then, for their turn, the child reads the right-hand pages, which feature text written at a specific early reading level.

This is an excerpt from one of the books to be purchased, a non-fiction selection about animals. As mentioned, the left hand pages are geared for adult reading, while the right hand pages feature similar content at a child's reading level.

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