Monday, May 13, 2013

Our Model of Middletown

For a cumulative project in our Equal This program, 5th grade students designed and constructed a model of their town to share with partner schools.  These models were intended to give our partners a more comprehensive look at similarities and differences between the landscapes of urban Middletown vs. a more suburban/rural Colchester.  Miss Weindruch's students really embraced this project and were tremendously imaginative in their engineering and construction.  Look carefully and see if you can find all of the executed details: like a fully suspended basketball that has just gone through a hoop at the YMCA, a functioning ferris wheel that can spin representing Coleman's Carnival,  the crew shells adorning the Harbor Park area of the river, a mobile swing set in Macdonough's playscape, and a truck crossing into Portland over the Arrigoni Bridge. 

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