Monday, February 11, 2013

Third Grade Learns About Where We Came From

Leslie Conner Reading to our students
      On Thursday, February 7, the third grade class went on a field trip  with their writing buddies to the Connecticut Historical Society.  There they met Leslie Conner, the author of the book "Miss Bridie Chose a Shovel", a book that tells the story of a woman immigrating to America.  She read the book and answered questions. 
      The students also learned about the many reasons our family and ancestors immigrated to Connecticut. 
Students opened suitcases and trunks of immigrants  of long ago and learned about where they came from and what they brought with them. 

     Students also learned about jobs that immigrants did when they arrived in Connecticut.
 They stacked bricks, hung tobacco leaves, and changed thread spools to see what it might have been like to do one of these jobs.      Thanks to the LEARN program for making this wonderful experience possible for our students.

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