Thursday, January 31, 2013

CAUSE Grants for Macdonough School!

Congratulations to the following Macdonough staff members who received 2013 CAUSE (Community and University Services for Education) Grants: 

· Sarah Jakiela was awarded $360 for High Interest, Low Reading Level Books. The project will fund children’s books geared toward children in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades with reading disabilities.  The books are written about high interest topics, yet use lower level vocabulary.  Perfect to engage students in the intermediate grades!
· Michelle Currier was awarded $230 for Preventing Bullying and Mean Behaviors Through Literature. The project will fund children’s books with messages about the importance of preventing mean behavior in school.  Each of the books will help students to make a connection to SURFS Up Behavior!
Due to the efforts of Mrs. Currier and Miss Jakiela, an additional $500 worth of books are coming to the students at our school!

CAUSECommmunity andn University Supporting EducationEstablished in 1967 by Mrs. Marjorie Daltry Rosenbaum, CAUSE has existed to identify and facilitate the implementation of cooperative programs and projects between Wesleyan University, the Middletown community and the public and private schools in the Middletown area. Focus of these programs has been on intellectual and cultural enrichment. Thousands of students have benefited over the years.

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