Monday, October 15, 2012

Third Grade Steps Back in Time

Last week Ms. Waterman's and Mr. Ferrero's  classes visited the Bushy Hill Nature Center to meet their Writing Buddies for the first time and to learn about how Native Americans lived before the European settlers arrived.  We gathered in a teepee and learned how Native Americans on the plains used this type of  shelter because of the ease of moving it as they followed the buffalo herds.  We learned how they hunted buffalo and saw examples of the tools they made and used.  We also learned about the Native Americans of the Northeast and were able to go inside a wigwam.  We learned about how they survived and saw some of the tools that they created and used.  Students also got to try their skill at archery.  While they did this they got to know their Writing Buddies.  We had a wonderful day of learning, fun, and meeting new friends.

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