Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Flag for Macdonough

As students learned about the meaning of the symbols in the United States Flag, they were asked to consider which symbolswould be incorporated into a flag for Macdonough. 

Mia, a fifth grade student, had the honor of reading her essay at our Flag Day Celebration.

A Flag for Macdonough

       What would a flag for Macdonough School look like?  What symbols and colors should be included?

       The design of my flag is similar to the American flag, but with a little twist.  It has the rectangle/square in the left upper corner with 15 hearts.  There are still stripes, but instead they go diagonally with 13 stripes.  Last but not least it has an owl in the middle with the word “knowledge” running across the bottom.

       The symbols in my flag all represent something. The hearts represent the 15 loving and caring teachers in Macdonough School.  The 13 stripes going diagonally represent the substitute, specials, and secondary teachers.  The owl and the word “knowledge” represent everyone’s intelligence and smarts at Macdonough School.  Those are what all the symbols stand for.

       Last but not least- the colors.  All the hearts are red to symbolize love because the teachers make you feel loved, because they are trustworthy and feel like family.  The stripes are a pattern of yellow and black, switching between the two colors every stripe.

       The yellow symbolizes bold, since yellow is such a bright color.  I chose the word bold because Macdonough School is unique.  Everyone in this school is different including the teachers.  Every classroom has a different energy, but it’s always positive.  Any other school I have been to has not been the same as Macdonough School.  It stands out in my mind.  That is why Macdonough School is bold.  The other color I picked was black.  I symbolize black as smart.  Black symbolizes smart to me because it is the color of graduation gowns and robes.  That symbolizes smart because you can graduate by knowing things.  I can tell that everyone from Macdonough School will do great things in their lives.  The background of the hearts is pink. That symbolizes caring.

       These are the colors and symbols I have chosen to represent Macdonough School on my flag.



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