Thursday, February 10, 2011

Student - Staff Basketball Game

Smiles of excitement were on the faces of children and teachers during the annual Student vs. Staff Basketball Game.  Fourth grade teacher Mr. Nelson, sporting a vintage New York Knicks jersey with Patrick Ewing's #33, led the teacher team.  He was joined by Miss Claffey, Miss McKenzie, Miss Lavoie, Miss Jakiela, Miss Grossman, Miss DiBacco, Miss Morello, and a special return to Macdonough School by Miss K!

Coach Teresa Morello managed the students to another fine performance.  Sportsmanship, hustle, teamwork, and tenacious defense characterized the student team.

Spectators were treated to a half-time show by the Macdonough School Cheerleading Team under the direction of fifth grade teacher Miss DiBacco. 

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