Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Ribbon Project

Students at Macdonough School had the opportunity to show caring and compassion by creating handmade pink ribbons for breast cancer patients in Connecticut.

"The Ribbon Project" is a community art project founded by highschool senior, Jenny Roach. Participants craft handmade pink ribbons using non-ribbon materials. These “ribbons” are then distributed by Jenny to breast cancer patients in local hospitals and cancer treatment centers.

The Kids’ Korner at Macdonough School program contacted Jenny Roach via The Ribbon Project website (http://www.theribbonproject.webs.com/) after the Hartford Courant had posted an article about her work. Jenny immediately sent out a publicity packet, including posters, postcards and websites about the project. Jenny agreed to visit our site and speak to the children about creating and planning service-learning projects, including how she turned her inspiration into a reality.

A PINK DONATION BOX can be found in the school cafeteria, looking for donations of fun pink materials for Jenny. She accepts a variety of materials, including fabric, ribbon, beads, fake flowers (and more!).

Before our holiday break, Jenny brought pink foam sheets that she had formed into ribbon shapes and bag full of decorative pink objects. Over 20 Macdonough students worked together to create several decorative ribbons that Jenny was then able to take for distribution to patients in Connecticut.

To date, The Ribbon Project has created well-over 1000 “ribbons” for breast cancer patients. We are glad to have contributed to this achievement.

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