Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Chaelyn's Book Clubs

The 3rd Grade Recess Plus Clubs have started work on their “Sideways Stories from Macdonough School” character chapters. Even though the Sideways School has 30 stories and stories, and Macdonough School only has 3 stories, our book will have 16, one for each student in the two clubs.
When they arrived to book club in the computer lab, the students found a special file folder for their club. In this file folder, they found that they each had a MS Word File with a special name for their “Sideways Stories from Macdonough School” character.
These special names were created by turning the clubs’ students’ names backwards, just like Mrs. Gorf is Frog spelled backwards. For instance, the character for Miss Chaelyn is Miss Nyleahc Odrabmol.
We are using our creativity to make our imaginary characters come to life. For now, we are including physical characteristics, personality traits, and other important information about our characters. Once we have compiled enough information about our new characters, we will begin writing the chapter about the character for the final book.
Both clubs’ chapters will be put together and each child will get a copy of the final book at the end of the club, along with the 3-book Sideways Series.

In Session 4 of “Spiderwick Chronicles Literature for Lunch” Club, we completed our “Character Card Contest.” Teams were given an additional 5 minutes to cram as many facts about their character onto their cards. Team mates worked together to eliminate other team’s character facts. The teams left with the most facts on their card after the elimination round took with them tasty treats and some other special prizes. Consolation prizes of Dum Dums Lollipops were handed out to the other hard-working teams. Students now have the first two books of the series.

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