Thursday, May 14, 2009

Musical Macdonough at Kids Korner

The boys of a local band, named LoveBad, dropped by Macdonough School on Tuesday May 12th for an after school mini-concert. LoveBad performed most recently for the Buttonwood Tree's 20th Anniversary North End Arts Rising Celebration Extravaganza and were happy to perform for the children in the North End again.

The band shared their "folk-a-billy punk 'n' bluegrass" versions of The Beatles, Toy Dolls and Gorilla Biscuits, as well as traditional Scottish and American songs, like "I Will Go" and "Old Slew Foot." After the band played for the children, the children sang for them. They shared the newly-recored version of our school song, "Knowledge is Power" (with the special Macdonough verse) that was created at the Coffeehouse Recording Studio.

You can see a
video clip of our Macdonough students at the Coffeehouse Recording Studio on The Hartford Courant's iTowns.

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