Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cooking for Literacy!

Chaelyn Lombardo, from Kids Korner, will be running another "Literature for Lunch"Book Club in collaboration with the Family Resource Center. This club will be for Second Graders. It is called, "Cooking for Literacy!". It is an academic, social, and physical curriculum.

IThere will be two clubs of 7 children each. One club will be held on Tuesdays and the other will be on Thursdays (12:20-1:10). Each club will meet in the FRC for both their lunch and recess period once a week. There will be some instruction and discussion over lunch. After the children are finished and have cleared their trays, they will begin the activity for the day.

The groups will complete several activities and games based upon a popular storybook and they get to keep a free copy of the book at the end of the club. The final club meeting will be the special cooking activity day which is based upon the storybook.

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